We are a 501(c)3 non-profit association whose members have completed and graduated the Fishers Police Department Citizens Academy. Members will attend meetings and educational classes, perform volunteer services benefiting and sanctioned by the Fishers Police Department, and have the required uniform while performing community services for the Fishers Police Department.



As ambassadors, we believe in the law and in the officers who are charged with enforcing the law. It is our mission to support the Fishers Police Department's goals of protecting and securing our city, protecting the future of our children, and supporting their officers to enable them to achieve the Department's highest standards.

To this end, we will work:
1) to elicit community support,
2) to support the Department through physical endeavors,
3) to provide monetary support through fundraisers, and
4) to provide emotional support to enable the Department and its employees to function at the highest potential.

It is our vision to bring together graduates of the Fishers Police Department Citizens Academy to work together
for the betterment of the Fishers Police Department. Please view our Fishers Police Corps By-Laws.


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Established 2001 as Fishers Police Department Citizens Academy Alumni Association (FPD-CAAA)